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Is the river too cold to take a bath?
Here is our proposal : an outdoor bathtub with firewood and cooking space.
Our Tub does not require an outlet and can be used almost anywhere! Fill it with water, light the wood for heating,
and after 2-3 hours, the water temperature rises to 45 degrees.
Now it is ready to enjoy a relaxing outdoor-bath.
Ideal for partys and outdoor events, but also for romantic moments by candlelight under the stars....
- Daily rental or weekend rental
- Home delivery
- On request we deliver the appropriate fire wood
The Tub takes four persons.
According to the outside temperature, water reaches 37 degrees Celsius after about 180 minutes.
The Tub weights 75 kg without water, and can therefore easily be carried by two persons.
It must be placed on a even and hard ground. Filled with water, it wights 700 kg.

- Daily rent Monday-Friday 24 hours CHF 230.—
- Weekend rent Saturday-Sunday 24 hours CHF 380.—
- Weekend rent Friday-Sunday 48 hours CHF 380.—
- New Year's Eve 31/12-01/01 24 hours CHF 380.-
- Box of chopped firewood CHF 25.-/Box
The delivery and removal is made by our company.
The cost for delivery and removal is CHF 1.- per kilometer starting in 2500 Biel-Bienne.
The Tub must be cleaned before returning.
At temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius, there is a danger of frost in the heating coil.
Therefore the heating must be maintained at all times or the water in the tub and the heating coil emptied.
Aare water level
Here the water temperatures of the Aare can be checked: Temperature Aare
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